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EB Ambassador & Model Programs



Love to wear hair accessories and show them off? Do you do ballet, jazz, contemporary, lyrical? Do you love making new friends in a supportive, caring and diverse environment? You have come to the right place! Enchanted Ballerina loves to support and build strong girls while making them look their own beautiful selves. Have an active Instagram, ticktok or Facebook account? Then you qualify for either of our programs. 


Enchanted Ballerina holds Ambassador and Model searches 2 times a year. Depending on our brand’s need for the season will be how many ladies will be chosen at the time of the search. You must be between the ages of 5-18 to apply for our program. Your parent and/or gaurdian must know that you want to enter our search and must be willing to assist you keeping up with your Ambassador or Model responsibilities should you be chosen for our program. We look for people that are already active on social media and would like to add our brand to their page. We love to have Ambassadors and Models represent the whole world, if your are outside of the United States you can still apply but will only be eligible to be an ambassador as Models have the responsibility of traveling for photo shoots, audio and film.

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